contact, Minke Themans
Mathenesserlaan 179 - 2
NL - 3014 HA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

T +31 10 425 98 10
M +31 6 24 64 69 84


3 x 3 m2

, 2001,
public space
together with:

exhibiton 'You never walk Alone', STROOM, Den Haag
research project, mapping public space

series of maps 1 x 3 m
content Stroom has invited four artists to create an audio walk expressing their personal interpretation of the city of The Hague. The launch of the four audio walks is accompanied by the exhibition You Never Walk Alone, featuring a large number of art works ‘zooming in’ on various aspects of the city. The urban experience is made visible through videos, drawings, photography, audio works, installations, notes and special city clothes. In addition to the four audio artists You Never Walk Alone features works by 13 other artists and designers. design Minke Themans made a notation of the route from Central Station in the Hague to Stroom gallery on the Spui. After scanning this route she made a series of maps that capture the essence of the area. The chaos of the urban renewal led her to focus on the one element that links everything, namely the sidewalk. The abundance of floor materials immediately intrigued her. Each material has it’s own particular colour, texture and structure. The manner in which one traverses the road and sidewalk is predominantly dictated by the structure of these materials. The movement patterns of users generate an additional structure. The maps that she made for this exhibition are on the scale 1:1 and can be viewed as an experiment to capture the structure and use of these routes.