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Atlas South Dutch Society

Provincie Zuid-Holland, 2007,
together with:
Anton van Hoorn, Brenda Vonk Noordegraaf

research project, public space and facilities

content of application, logos, presentation and brochure
[Atlas Zuid-Hollandse Samenleving] content The province of South Holland will make a societal atlas. This atlas literally maps healthcare, social, economic, recreational and cultural facilities. The manner in which facilities are organised, is a reflection on the social and cultural meaning people attach to them. The atlas of the South Dutch Society assimilates this information. design A supporting project style which returns in the application and all promotion items, has been developed. The province already has an existing house style, the project style of the atlas has been recognisingly coupled to this house style. Proportional map symbols have been used (the circles) and a cake point diagrams to generate the graphic language. Facilities have been classified and the graphic changes per topic. Each facility gets its own colour and the name of the topic replaces the name of the atlas.