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The Amsterdam Index, 2008,
together with:
Brenda Vonk Noordegraaf

Damrax is an online neighbourhood game for Amsterdam. content The Amsterdam Index (DAMRAX) evolved form the question as to how inhabitants can become more involved in urban developments. There are increasingly more possibilities whereby people can influence, choose or even design things themselves. Everything is custom made these days! But this seems mostly focused on products such as cars, shoes or insurance. On an urban level it is more difficult. You can’t let everyone design their own city. DAMRAX is a shares game that changes this. Everyone that joins gets a virtual budget to play with. Through playing, by trading in shares in specific neighbourhoods, players implicitly give their opinions regarding these areas. Once the playing group reaches a certain critical mass, the information gets a certain value. The Amsterdam Index gives a ‘feeling temperature’ for the city. To strengthen this the news reports play an important role in the game. DAMRAX is therefore a double information market. On the one hand DAMRAX gives insight into the opinions of inhabitants of the city regarding urban development, on the other it is a growing databank for urban messaging. design The newspaper is fragmented qua layout, filled with news form the neighbourhoods. This varies per neighbourhood. It appears that the news is incomplete because a lot of space is left ‘free’ in the newspaper. These empty spaces will be filled in the future as the DAMRAX develops and more people play the game.