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The blessings of dubble shrink for the Randstad, 2006,
together with:
Brenda Vonk Noordegraaf

logo and brochure

soft cover
Dutch edition
170 x 240 mm
24 pages

[De zegeningen van Dubbelkrimp voor de Randstad] content Both population and land in the Netherlands are shrinking. The population will diminish due to a reduction in births and rising emigration. It will become more and more necessary to use more land for water retention and to hold back the sea while at the same time the land is literally sinking. This double shrink of land and population is not necessarily a disaster. It can even have advantages as long as the two processes can be effectively correlated. Dubbelkrimp® is an research and design team that seeks to investigate the potentials of these processes. The Randstad is used in this publication as pillot to generate intriguing ideas and to highlight inspirational examples. design For the design of the brochure and logo the theme of the project, double shrink is used. A square that reduces in size is used for the logo and the page layout appears to shrink for the brochure. The title is also manipulated.