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Fear at the Discotheque

GP04, 2004,
public space
together with:
Mr. Smith: Mark van Beest, Duzan Doepel, Claudia Linders, Minke Themans and Ronald Wall
GP04, Fear and Space
publication and Vj presentation
content Mr. Smith, hyper-aware of of his living environment, shapes his personality within an information, recording, control, capsular and anxiety environment – an environment which has repercussions on the way in which society is organized on an urbanand architectural level. A condition in which disinformation, mental and physical capsules, controle and data fight over life and dead, truth, myth and perception. Mr. Smith investigates the controle society as a challenge, as an opportunity to observe and analyse the reciprocal link between fear and space, creating the character of Mr. Smith for the purpose. Mr. Smith aims to interpret and anticipate (un-)conscious and the (un-)intentional motivations and the mechanism behind this society of control – in which global and local initiatives struggle for hegemony. This is how Mr. Smith tests the parameters of those who manage the control society. Figuratively and literally, Mr. Smith takes up a position in the contemporary public domain. Hyper-aware of this environment and of his own motivations, he manages paradoxically enough, to expose the subconscious layer of our relationship between fear and sapec. This awareness is expressed in two design-research approaches: a techno-economic one and socio-political one. Both approaches are not necessarily applied to arrive at solutions, but to outline and clarify dilemmas. Excrept 8. In excerpt 8 the exact trajectory of Smith’s local fearspace is shown. It depicts the 1st Middelland Street, where the patient’s psychosis originated and although the images are self-explanatory, it is important to note how Smith evaluates reality. In each case, we see how the previously defined ‘techno-filter’ has been applied by Smith in making these diagrams.