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Haunted by Detail

Ralph Kamena, 2008,
together with:



soft cover
English edition
280 x 235 mm
96 pages
content For photographer Ralph Kämena, the world is made up of details – trifles – which he brings sharply into focus. Little details which form their own world. Through his manner of zooming in on things, he explores the world. At the same time he makes unexpected movements – sharp and jagged – that bring the attention to the Other. Despite the fact that Kämena’s world appears to be made up of empty spaces, he primarily focuses on how third parties use the spaces. However clinical the rooms look, he is fascinated by the people who use them. Kämena travels the world with his camera. He records human existence. design The colours in from the photo’s are filtered and used in a subtile way for the design of the book. Both the texts layer and the background are manipulated in this manner.