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Hoogvliet Domain

, 2002,
together with:
Floor Houben

logo, two brochures, posters and several flyers for the 'Heerlijkheid Festival'
[Heerlijkheid Hoogvliet] content: The project 'Heerlijkheid Hoogvliet' is a design for a summer village in the northern edge of Hoogvliet. A number of large scale services that are missing in Hoogvliet are brought together in this summer village that functions as a festival terrain, with a constantly changing look and atmosphere. The London based architectural office FAT designed the park and it’s furniture, as well as the villa. design For the brochure, the ground form of the villa model is photographed and filled with 'pop-up' elements from the [i]‘basic WiMBY! pallet’.[/i] In this way, the intended flexible in-fill of the Heerlijkheid by the inhabitants is accentuated. Alongside this, the playful elements used in the design and the logo radiates the festive character one would associate with a summer village.