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Macuil Tochtli

, 2011,
together with:
Tihamér Salij, Space Intelligence Agency

Hacienda complex architecture by Doepel Strijkers Archtects

English edition
200 x 150 mm
64 pages
The Macuil Tochtli project claims to establish new standards for the Tequila production that generate socio-economic values yet unknown for the Tequila industry. It builds upon the foundation of Economic Value creation by attempting to quantify and incorporate certain elements of social value by making use of resources, inputs, and processes; increasing the value of these inputs, and by then generating cost savings for the public system. The Macuil Tochtli establishes and strengthens the relationships between different fields as education, farming, science and innovation, arts and various industries. The Macuil Tochtli project will lead to a renaissance of the Mexican Agave-Culture, which changes, enriches and even produces new local and national identities, explores new markets, increases employment options, and eventually, upgrades the status of the Mexican farmer.

Machil Tochtli Diagram

Zero Waste Tequila Distillery, 2011,
together with:
i.c.w. Doepel Strijkers

Flow diagram
Based on the traditional hacienda typology, the Macuil Tochtli project combines the use of local materials and vernacular building methods. The complex is conceived as a ‘wasteless’ building. Waste streams from the tequila making process are utilised in secondary production chains resulting in textiles made from fibres, agave honey, perfume, inulin for high-energy snacks, and biogas. Besides reducing consumption through bioclimatic design and reusing waste streams, the building makes optimal use of the local water and solar resources.