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Map of Maps

, 2004, NAi, Rotterdam
public space
together with:
Duzan Doepel

several, artists, designers, urban designers and other disciplines
Omgevings architectuur prijs 2004
mapping public space

series of maps, 1 x 3 m

[Kaart der Kaarten] content In addition to the Inbewteen exhibition*, a series of maps, sketches and annotations produced in collaboration with experts from various fields was on display. The sketches are a selection from an ongoing investigation into alternative ways of charting the urban environment. The project is inspired by the story of the 16th century Venetian monk, Fra Mauro, who had the ambition to make a world map based soley on the stories of travellers. This series of cartographic representations combines qualitative and quantitative information. The aim of the project is to offer new insights into the complexity of the social, economic, cultural and environmental processes that collectively define the public realm. The maps were designed by graphic designer Minke Themans and architect Duzan Doepel. contributions by Martin Aarts, Diego Barajas, Aaron Betsky, Bibo, Ole Bouman, Maurits de Bruijn, Machiel van Dorst, Jan Duursma , LUST / Jan de Graaf, Ton Matton, Bert van Meggelen, Dennis Moet, MUST, NEXT Architects / Arnold Reindorp, Jan Ketelaars, Steven van Schuppen, Wouter Stoer, Harm Tilman, Ronald Wall, Wieland&Gouwens. *[i]INbetween is the exhibition of the winning entry and the nominations for the 2004 Omgevings architectuur prijs, a Dutch award for the design of public space. [/i] [b]Maps[/b] [b]1. Map of maps[/b] [b]2. Spectrum[/b] Multidisciplinary definitions of the contemporary public realm. [b]3. Knowledge map[/b] The public domain seen through the eyes of experts from different fields. Kruisplein, Rotterdam 1. Duzan Doepel / Ronald Wall 2. Jan Ketelaars 3. Machiel van Dorst 4 Steven van Schuppen / Jan de Graaf 5. Arnold Reijndorp Foto: Maarten Laupman [b]4. Colour map - City[/b] [b]5. Colour map - Polder[/b] [b]6. Texture[/b] Floor materials Den Haag CS – Stroom, Het Spui. [b]7. Step map[/b] 1.164 steps Den Haag CS – Stroom, Het Spui. [b]8. Chewing gum map[/b] Signs of transition from public to semi-public space Perron 1, Den Haag CS. [b]9. Members only[/b] How accessible is the Netherlands? Which places are public, where is a selective access policy implemented, which areas can only be entered with a valid membership or entry ticket and which areas are both private yet accessible? - Must urban planners [b]10. The journey [/b] A map from the series ‘the fantastic structure of everyday events’. The need for controlled relaxation in our free time is made possible by modern public network systems. - Must urban planners [b]11. Passer-by [/b] Twenty-six minutes of registration on a terrace in Antwerp. - Bibo [b]12. Child’s perspective[/b] Eye height 1 meter. Lijnbaan – Koopgoot, Rotterdam [b]13. Homeless signs[/b] Signs in the public realm used by homeless people to communicate. Based on the story of Camilo José Cela, Judíos, moros y christianos, 1956. [b]14. Intensity[/b] Shifting intensity of use of public space in time. Rotterdam, Wijkpark Oude Westen. Series consists of 24 maps No. 8: Summer, weekend, 15:00 - [sketch version in collaboration with Harmen van de Wal and Daphne Bom] [b]15. Frequency[/b] View in relation to speed of movement. One photo per ten seconds. Coolsingel – Rotterdam [b]16. Timezones[/b] Opening times of Dutch call centres in relation to time zones of land of origin. - Diego Barajas [b]17. Registration map[/b] Points where a person is registered, both with or without prior knowledge from birth till now. - Maurist de Bruijn in collaboration with Duzan Doepel / deMink [b]18. Barcode[/b] The relative surface area of materials in and on the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam. - Duzan Doepel / deMink with Wouter Stoer [b]19. Noise and Sound[/b] Notation of sound recordings from various urban locations in Rotterdam. - Wieland en Gouwens Not shown [b]20. North Sea[/b] - LUST, Jan de Graaf en Steven van Schuppen [b]21. North Sea[/b] Cartography of a world sea A matrix of Twenty basic maps forms 440 maps in total that collectively offer an alternative view on the North Sea. - LUST, Jan de Graaf en Steven van Schuppen [b]22. Streams[/b] Intensity of movement during 24 hours. - NEXT architects, dS+V Rotterdam en Arnold Reijndorp [b]23. Ethnic city [/b] Spread of ethnic groups in relation to housing density. - NEXT architects, dS+V Rotterdam en Arnold Reijndorp [b]24. Secret paths[/b] - Vladimir Mars and Steven van Schuppen