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Mare Nostrum, Datascape

, 2005,
together with:
Roger Teeuwen
2nd International Architecture Biennale, Rotterdam
English edition
230 x 170 / 230 x 1700 mm
20 pages

content This Datascape was created for the Mare Nostrum exhibition. Tourism has become the world’s biggest and fastest growing industry, it is the world’s number one employer and export earner. However, tourism also contains the seeds of its own destruction, since it is capable of destroying the very environmental and cultural assets that made a region attractive in the first place. Datascape provides background information on the development of tourism, and on how this affects the world we live in. design The 38-meter long backlit data wall, the core of the exhibition, is scaled down to a leporello booklet. The design is built up in two layers. The first layer is a series of enlarge skyline photographs of beaches form around the world. As the observer approaches the wall, this layer becomes vaguer, ultimately transforming into large pixels at which stage, the second layer, the data layer, becomes legible. For a large part of the collected data, new notation forms are developed. All pages are shown.