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Neither town nor countryside exhibition

The spatially disordered Netherlands, 2006, Nai, Rotterdam
together with:
Brenda Vonk Noordegraaf
all graphical exhibition elements
[Stad Noch Land, de ruimtelijke ontordening van Nederland] content Cities grow towards one another with a steadily decreasing rural buffer between them. An uncontrolled building activity beside motorways and main roads has turned the famous Dutch panoramic views into ‘in-between territories’ lacking the identity and external appearance of both the city and the traditional countryside. design Cartographers use grids to indicate scale and geographical position on a map. For the design of the exhibition, such a grid forms the basis for the for the layout . The content of the exhibition in the form of text and image, transforms the grid, distorting it until it ultimately adopts a new form. Arial photos of the three case study areas are printed on carpet which is also integrated in the grid structure. The three study areas are mapped on three scales, the provincial scale, the municipal scale and on the scale of a case study area. For each scale diverse forms of data, plans, diagrams and maps are designed.