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Suburban Ark

, 2006,
together with:
Zohra Noordam [stagiair]
2nd International Architecture Biennial
Dutch and English edition
210 x 150 mm
96 pages
content This publication deals with a number of major topical issues brought togehter on an installation called the Suburban Ark. The theme of this installation was The Flood, which was also the theme of the 2nd International Architecture Biennial. In a series of lectures, exursions, and workshops taking place during the Biennial, innovative possibilities were developed for the supply of energy and water. The Suburban Ark functioned as a floating lab test rigs for wind energy, freshwater-saltwater energy, and energy from digestion. design Photos of water structures are made and form the background for the pages of the book. In this way, the theme \"The Flood\" is apparent on every page. A selection of pages is shown.