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The Krabbeplas

, 2006,
together with:


2006 invitation, poster, flyer, letter and floor drawing
2007 invitation and poster
content The recreation area Krabbeplas in Vlaardingen is part of a five year research project into new forms of recreation and use. The investigation in an initiative of the municipality of Vlaardingen and SKOR who invited artists, designers and writers to participate. One of the conclusions is that the are has potential to be used in other ways than In the current situation. To explore the scope of possibilities, plots are being designated to different (new) user groups.

The Happy Crab

and other proposals for the future of the Krabbeplas, 2008,
together with:



soft cover
Dutch edition
210 x 297 mm
64 pages
The Happy Crab [en andere voorstellen voor de toekomst van de Krabbeplas] content Casestudy Krabbeplas started in 2002 as a study into the functioning of the Krabbeplas (Vlaardingen) as en example of the large scale recreation areas that were realised in the seventies and eighties. Hans Venhuizen structured this study in such a way as to result in proposals for layout and uses for the area, culminating in a catalogue. This brings transformation possibilities in view that can be adopted by anyone who wishes for projection on the specific context of the Krabbeplas. design The point fo depature fot the design of the book is ‘Neufert, Bauentwerfslehre'.