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, 1997,
together with:

graduation project Academy of Visual Arts, Rotterdam
Exhibition about the female Bodies

Fortune coockies; Breasts are beatifull baby!; Correction Ltd. demo and The fairytale.
content The idealised images of woman that society is continually confronted with are the central theme for discussion in this exhibition. By transforming both image and context, the observer gains insight into the dogmatic working and indoctrination that these cliché images carry. A number of elements form this investigation are exposed. Fortune coockies Many woman are obsessive about their weight. Women want to be slim, they maintain their often too low weight using all sorts of artificial means. This is a culturally accepted as being normal. Beautiful, young and slim are linked to health in our society and have become an ideal. The abundance of ways to achieve this ideal makes this ‘norm’ seem attainable. Weight management is the female metaphor for success, power, fortune and beauty, implying strength and independence. The ’success cookie’ mirrors the absurdity of this belief. Breasts are beautiful baby! The women wear half transparent bras with the size of the cup spray-painted over the middle of the breast. The photos indicate that all breasts can conjure feelings of eroticism and manly desire. Breasts are beautiful irrespective of what the fashion world prescribes! Breasts are, in our culture, seen as the most female element of a woman’s body. Each decade the ideal image of the breast changes, turning breasts into a cultural artefact. Ideal size and form are prescribed, as if the body is a piece of clothing that can be replaced. The appreciation of original beauty is lost in our western society. Correction ltd. demo With Correction Ltd. the observer can compile her ideal body using a choice menu. The program begins with a five screens in which different women appear. Each of these women represent society’s ideal female image having all modelled for a woman’s magazine at some stage. In the second layer one can compile a body of choice. The five body parts that are most frequently subjected to scrutiny in the model world pass by in different forms and sizes. One is expected to make a choice from each selection of body parts. By clicking on the codes that accompany the body part, one can identify the model from the first layer to which the body part belongs. After compiling one’s ideal body the total price of the cosmetic surgery needed to make the transformation is displayed. The fairytale The wall displays a collection of cosmetic advertisements from magazines. A small collection from the images regarding the image of the ideal female that we are exposed to on a daily basis. From the selection the texts and products are omitted to accentuate this idea. In this dreamlike world the is clearly no connection with reality.